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Travel with Respect

Respect the Islamic beliefs of Qataris and Bedouins: Women shouldn't wear tube tops, hot pants, and the like unless they want to reinforce negative stereotypes they have about the west (and attract undesired company). Men shouldn't wear the traditional clothing, thobes, unless it's for a special occasion; otherwise, it's plain weird.If you're dining with a Qatari, don't expose the bottoms of your feet to him. Don't eat with your left hand either, since Islamic tradition holds that the left hand is used for wiping after a trip to the toilet. Similarly, don't attempt to shake hands or hand a package with your left hand.If your Qatari friend insists on buying you something - a meal or a gift - let him! Qataris are extremely hospitable, and typically there are no strings attached.

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Travel Safe

The emergency phone number for police, ambulance or fire department is 999.Doha is a very safe city. The threat of terrorism is ever-looming, as it is in most of the Middle East. However, it doesn't seem to really affect the way people live for the most part, as it seems most Qataris are genuinely interested in keeping their country safe instead of letting it slide into mayhem and chaos to further political aims. Petty crime and the like are virtually nonexistent. Women might experience harassment, but it will likely be more annoying than threatening; such as having a man circle around the block whilst you walk down the street, or whisper at you in the store, but for the most part it will be men staring. An abaya, the long, black cloak and headscarf worn by local women, can be purchased at a variety of places in Doha and can be convenient at times but women are by no means required to wear them (although modest dress is requested and appropriate- no short skirts or shorts, nothing too revealing or tight).If you are planning to go for a trip to the desert for camping or even for a day trip, make sure you carry a lot of water with you at all times. Haze, dust storms, and sandstorms are common.

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