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Outdoor Holidays


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Outdoor Holidays

Romanian mountains are pretty well known for their ski resorts. But far fewer people realize that from spring right through to autumn the Carpathians offer hundreds of miles of idyllically unspoiled alpine meadows, forests, glacial lakes, rivers and secluded valleys, challenging mountain peaks.

Hiking, mountain biking, horse back riding, image hunting, canyoning this are all environmental friendly activities that we try to promote here at Outdoor Holidays. Our conviction is that the Carpathian Mountains, sheltering almost two third of the European large fauna, over 10.000 caves and speleological cavities represents indeed the "Europe's Best Kept Secret". Did you know that 6000 brown bears, 4000 wolfs, 3000 links represent for Romania a veritable record?

If you care about Mother Earth, leave your car in the dusty city for one or two weeks and you'll fell another kind of comfort, different from the agitation of big cities. You'll have a dream outdoor vacation into a small paradise of adventure: Europe's secret mountains.

Eating with the shepherds, following the handcrafts, seeing a one hour lamp with his mother sheep, admiring the landscape from Transylvanian fortresses (mainly Rasnov), taking a ride in a carriage, on a dusty country road are just few of the things that made musicians and photographers Otis Gibbs and his friend Todd Fox full them compact flash memory of digital photo cameras and consider them Romanian trip as the highlights of them european journey.

To put it in a nutshell, if you are addicted to adrenaline just grab your hiking gear and life insurance and come meet us. We take care of the rest.

For Accommodation we provide tents, but if you are more pretentious you can choose one of our tours that take care of accommodation, providing ** and *** guest-houses, with hot water, showers and all comfort.

If you don't feel so fitted, don't worry, just choose an easy tour, that offers more mountain walks, the possibility to take nice photos in Carpathian Mountains scenery. We can explain the level rate is shown on our site if you just drop as a note.

EcoTourism Policies

Outdoor Holidays is founded by a bunch of enthusiasts, that strongly believe the carpathian mountains are one of the Europe's best kept secret.

As the main influence over the nature was not as strong as in other countries, there are more than half of the wolf and bear population in Europe still alive in the romanian mountains. We do our best to preserve this fauna for our children.

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