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Travel with Respect

Samoa is highly religious with most of the population following one of the Christian denominations. This means Sunday is generally respected as a holy day and most shops and businesses are closed. You should not walk through villages on Sundays.Samoan culture is governed by strict protocols and etiquite. Although allowances are made for foreigners, it is wise to avoid revealing clothing and to comply with village rules which are strictly enforced by the village matai (chiefs).Women going topless is taboo, and they should only wear swimwear at the beach. Shorts should be knee length. Shirts should be worn when not at the beach. A lavalava (sarong) is nearly always acceptable attire.Other simple things such as removing shoes before entering a house (or for that matter budget accommodation) should be observed.

Information from wikitravel.org*

Travel Safe

Samoa is a safe destination. Crime rates are low and people generally very helpful and friendly. Pickpocketing and robbery do happen, but with sensible precautions, one should encounter few problems.Samoans have a different concept of ownership from Westerners and don't really consider stealing to be a sin as long as they don't get caught. Keep your valuables close, especially money, especially if you are doing a home-stay. The main threat to personal safety comes from feral dogs. These can be vicious. They may attack, sometimes in packs. Tourists have been bitten throughout both islands, and this continues to be a serious problem for travellers to Samoa. Prior to the South Pacific Games (Aug 2007) the government started culling dogs in the downtown area. This led to complaints but continued despite them. To prevent attacks, take taxis everywhere from dusk onwards. It is not advisable to walk far at night, as dogs are most dangerous at this time. The main drag in Downtown Apia is usually OK but it is still important to be careful.Stay calm if approached. You can try growling at them "alu!" (are - loo), which means "go", in an authoritative and quick voice. Walk slowly, and in a non-threatening manner. Do not let yourself get surrounded. Do not run. Back away. The act of stooping to pick up a rock is a useful warning to them. The locals use this all the time. Keep a few rocks in your pocket. If attacked, throw them at the dogs. This is what the Samoans do. Another option is to use a big stick to scare them away.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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