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Travel with Respect

Slovenians are a bit more reserved than neighboring nations but after the initial contact they are quite open and friendly. Don't hesitate to address people, those younger than 50 understand English and they will be eager to help you. You will impress them when using some basic Slovene words. Slovene is rarely spoken by foreigners, so your effort will be appreciated and rewarded. Slovenians are proud of the fact that they preserved their national identity (especially the language) in spite of the pressures from neighboring non-Slavic nations in past centuries. Due to their economic success and historical as well as contemporary cultural bonds to the West, they don't like their country to be described as part of "Eastern Europe". Another common misconception is that Slovenia was part of the Soviet Bloc (in fact it was part of Yugoslavia that notoriously split with the Eastern bloc back in 1948). People have no problems talking about the communist period and often become nostalgic over it. They are also proud that they were the first of the federal republics to secede from Yugoslavia. Tito is considered by the vast majority as a national hero, as he also spoke Slovenian very fluently.There are some open territorial issues with Croatia. Be careful if entering a discussion on this subject as nationalists get quite emotional when this subject is broached! Another delicate issue is the Slovenian civil war during WWII. This national tragedy is still painful for many Slovenians. Try to stay neutral if discussing it.Practical advice: If you are invited to dinner to someone's home bring a bottle of good wine. You will often be asked if you want to change to slippers when you arrive. You should accept it. It's a gesture of hospitality. It's expected to give a compliment to a cook. Do it before you are asked if you liked the meal! It's normal that you shake your hand when introduced to someone. Don't try to make a kiss when introduced. It might be considered intrusive. Always use formal forms ("vikanje" in Slovene) in any language you use when addressing elderly people. Otherwise some might not want to talk to you. Slovenian Alps (especially the highest peak Triglav) are in the heart of every Slovenian. Don't litter unless you want to listen to unpleasant comments. It's common to greet people you meet in the mountains in Slovene (Dober dan) and when you part you say Good luck. You can expect people you meet to be very friendly and helpful to you. There is a strong spirit of camaraderie in the mountains. In most Slovenian households it is customary to take off one's shoes. This is a habit prevailing in most of Central Europe, maybe because of general cleanliness, but also because grit and slush from the pavements can cause havoc to a flat in winter. It is polite to let your wrists or hands rest on the table, but not your elbows.

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