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The Earth Organization - Eco Safari in South Africa

The Earth Organisation South Africa


Contact email:

Contact Number:
818 769-3410

4312 Talofa Ave.
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

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The Earth Organization (TEO) is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the vital partnership for survival we all have with the natural world, and bringing effective, down-to-earth solutions to environmental and conservation situations.

The Earth Organization’s many activities include providing outstanding, intimate Eco-Safari Adventures to the award-winning, exclusive private game reserve called Thula Thula (pronounced Toola Toola). World Luxury Hotel Awards Finalist for 2008.

Thula Thula

Thula Thula is situated on the historic, former private hunting grounds of King Shaka, the legendary warrior who created the Zulu empire. The spectacular wildlife will astound you. The local Zulu culture will enchant you; and gaining a greater understanding about what is happening environmentally on our planet will help you to become part of the solution.

TEO was founded by world-renowned South African conservationist Lawrence Anthony. He is best known for his incredible, 5 ½ month rescue initiative at the beginning of the Iraqi war of the animals in the Baghdad Zoo, as well as his internationally celebrated negotiations with rebels in the Congolese jungle to protect the highly endangered Northern White Rhino. His story is so compelling that he received the prestigious United Nations Earth Trustee Award, and a major Hollywood feature film is being produced about him.

Lawrence resides at Thula Thula with his wife, Francoise, a fabulous Cordon Bleu chef. Dubbed The Elephant Whisperer by the international media, his extraordinary relationship with wild African elephants on his game reserve is legendary and has been covered by CNN, BBC, CBS, magazines such as Men’s Journal, Elle, Smithsonian Magazine, and many others.

Lawrence originally rescued the herd from being killed because they were turning over jeeps, breaking through fences, and creating a lot of trouble. Through his efforts to calm the traumatized herd, they now trust him implicitly and have settled down into a beautiful viewing herd.

Although the herd is totally wild and would be dangerous to anyone else if they came too close, Lawrence can go out into the bush and call them and they happily come right to him and just stand around, contented to be with him for hours on end. In fact, as mystical as it may sound, every time he goes away on a trip, the night he returns, the whole herd comes to his house to greet him. One time he missed his flight and the herd came to the garden gate and perceived he wasn’t there and left. The next night when he returned, they came to see him.

Thula Thula is home to the Big Four: Elephant, Rhino, Cape Buffalo, and Leopard. Additionally, there is an abundance of wildlife: giraffe, zebra, crocodile, nyala, kudu, springbok, jackals, monkeys and much more, with over 350 species of birds.

Join us for an extraordinary adventure and the trip of a lifetime – a trip with a purpose – an Eco Safari Adventure!

Package Costs Include:

- Our staff will meet you at the Durban Airport and transport you to your charming hotel accommodations. You’ll have 2 free days in the beautiful travel destination city of Durban, South Africa with time to explore the city, go shopping, relax and enjoy the many tourist attractions that Durban has to offer.

- On the morning of the third day, you’ll be transported by comfortable van or bus to Thula Thula Exclusive Private Game Reserve. View this historic site where the historic meeting between King Shaka and his son occurred.

- Spectacular wildlife viewing from an open Land Rover on your morning and afternoon Game Drives and/or Bush Walks. Our game rangers are dedicated to your safety and education about the local flora and fauna.

- When in residence, Lawrence and his wife, Francoise, will host a dinner and regale you with amazing true animal stories of the African bush.

- Three gourmet meals per day, prepared by Cordon Bleu chef, Francoise Anthony, with candlelit dinners on the veranda under the stars.

- Afternoon snacks, coffee and tea in the extraordinary setting of the Thula Thula Game Lodge.

- Brief educational seminars are provided in the late mornings to introduce visitors to environmental and conservation activities being carried out around the world by The Earth Organization. These briefings are held by environmental experts from various fields and include current, accurate information regarding environmental issues and their solutions on topics ranging from endangered species, both locally and worldwide, to energy and resource conservation. Learn how you can become part of the solution by simply making better choices in your daily life!

- Enjoy all the wonderful amenities of Thula Thula’s accommodations: lay by the pool while monkeys cavort nearby, or watch elephants play in the watering hole from your deck. Have a massage (additional charge) or explore the library and gift shop.

- A full conference center is also provided for meetings and events for your special group.

- A traditional South African barbecue around the fire, with heart-stopping warrior dances from local Zulu tribesmen and the beautiful voices of a Zulu choir will enchant you.

- Experience the local culture through interaction with the nearby Zulu village.

- Possible Whale Watching Excursion, (extra charge and seasonal. Check with your Safari Advisor)

- Farewell Celebration Dinner

- Transport back to the City of Durban Airport for your trip home

- A portion of your package price includes a tax deductible, 1 year membership in The Earth Organization, which is used to help fund The Earth Organization’s many conservation and education projects.

- All taxes, service charges and VAT while at Thula Thula are included

Package price does not include:

- Airfare
- Tips
- Food or Drinks or other activities while in Durban.
- Special Drinks or Alcoholic Beverages at Thula Thula.
- Massage services at Thula Thula.
- Travel insurance
- Medical insurance

Depending on a variety of factors, the general price of an 11-day tour costs approximately $7,500 per person for double occupancy. We are also happy to work with you to create a unique Eco Safari for your unique group. Contact us for more information.

Join us for an extraordinary adventure and the trip of a lifetime – a trip with a purpose – an Eco Safari Adventure!


Elephants at Thula Thula South Africa

How long is a normal Eco Safari?

Leaving from and returning to the US, the trip would take a full 11 days - with 3 days in Durban, and 5 days at Thula Thula.

Can an Eco Safari be tailored to my groups’ special interests or theme?

Yes! We would be happy to work with you to create a special occasion and itinerary for your group.

Is airfare included in the cost of the trip?

No. There are too many variables and preferences connected to airfare, so we leave that to you to handle. We do, however, have a travel agent who we would be happy to refer you to, who works closely with us to make travel arrangements.

What is the maximum number of people who can go at one time on the Eco Safari?

We can take up to 28 people at a time to Thula Thula booked at double occupancy.

If my group wants to hold a meeting or meetings for our group while on the Eco Safari, are there facilities for this?

Yes! We have a beautiful, separate conference facility which is both comfortable and private that can hold up to 35 people, with a large screen for presentations.


The Earth Organization (TEO) has official non-profit status in both the United States as well as South Africa. We are dedicated to raising mankind’s awareness of his vital partnership for survival with the natural world and are involved in a wide variety of environmental and conservation activities in our chapters around the world. A portion of the Eco Safari package is a tax deductible, one-year membership in The Earth Organization which helps support the activities of TEO such as:

- the broad-scale distribution of an environmental curriculum for Kindergarten through 12th grade students,
- endangered species and wildlife rescue initiatives,
- our campaign for the adoption of a United Nations resolution to categorize facilities that cage and protect animals, such as zoos, wildlife preserves, veterinarian clinics, etc. as non-military targets in war zones.
- tree planting
- scientific conferences
- and much more.

Participants gain knowledge and an enhanced appreciation of the natural world, and through our environmental seminars, learn how they can become part of the solution in their daily choices.

We expressly forbid the killing of wildlife for entertainment, and are spearheading an initiative with the 6 local Zulu tribes to create one of the largest game preserves in the world, called The Royal Zulu Biosphere. This project will enhance the lives of thousands of indigenous peoples in the local area and will open up vast tracts of land for the free roaming of wildlife.

The conservation work at Thula Thula has resulted in repopulating the area with elephant, which hadn’t been seen there for over 100 years. A portion of the package funds goes towards Lawrence’s work in rehabilitating traumatized elephants. Additionally, Thula Thula is dedicated to stripping away non-indigenous, invasive plant species to preserve the local indigenous flora and fauna. During game drives and bush walks, care is taken to always bring out any man-made articles that are taken in, and respect for the preservation of the area in choosing driving trails and paths is a priority.

Our Eco Safaris provide financial benefit for over 400 local Zulus through employment and empowerment. Additionally, in keeping with the ideals of fair trade, we encourage participants to support local artisans in stores, outdoor markets and restaurants.





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