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Voga Travel


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Voga Travel is an independent travel company specializing in private tours to Central and South America with a commitment to sustainable travel practices.

We at Voga Travel specialize in private holidays and tailor-made tours throughout South America to suit a wide range of interests and budgets.

Based in Latin America affords Voga Travel the local knowledge and expertise you would need when embarking on a trip to Latin America. With experienced local personnel, who have travelled to the very destinations you are interested in, local offices with 24 hour support lines, a wide range of unique and eco friendly lodges and hotels and utilising the best local guides available, we offer impartial advice on a wide range of trip styles and vacations.

These tours range from adventure tours such as trekking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and kayaking the fjords of Chilean Patagonia to honeymoon vacations in Argentina and family trips to the Galapagos Islands for those wishing to gain a unique and rewarding experience.

We also arrange short escapes to country highlights such as Brazil and Bolivia; indepth tours based on specific requirements such as photography in Chile or archaeology in Peru; and multi country combo tours for those wishing to see more than one country for example the Galapagos Islands and Peru.

With unique accommodations and tour styles, we provide a very different Latin American Vacation Experience.

Eco Policies

What makes Voga Travel’s company philosophy different is our core and guiding belief in operating only private or very small group tours which in effect leave as few a footprints as possible whilst at the same time positively promoting and helping local economies and trading with local providers. We feel very strongly that each tour must in some way gauge positive interactions with the countries and cultures our customers visit so that every trip is a rewarding experience rather than an ordinary holiday. We aim to promote unique destinations and experiences to enhance the concept of an original vacation experience.

We work with local guides and porters, source locally owned hotels, lodges and restaurants and aim to avoid as many tourist traps as much as possible. In exchange, we seek out authentic sites of interest which do not harm the environment but enhance interaction with local people and local cuisine which otherwise would not be possible.

We strongly encourage all our customers to sample fresh local produce and communicate with their guides and the local people they meet during their visit.

In addition to our set trip policies, as a company we also adhere to guiding principles and we use recyclable and recycled materials wherever possible and also recycle office products and actively follow a low-waste policy in the office. We use low-energy light bulbs and fair-trade products in the office and have actively reduced water seepage.

We also try to limit the use of plastic bottles and source recyclable containers.

We provide sustainable tourism practice training on a regular basis, monitor all hotels we recommend to ensure their commitment to sustainable practices and regularly check all transportation companies, guides and restaurants to ensure the continuity of our responsibility to the environment.

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