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Travel with Respect

There are several customs that (for Westerners) take a bit of getting used to.As in many Asian countries, toilet paper is not common - a hose or bucket of water by the side of the toilet is provided as an alternative. If you prefer to use paper, bring your own, but be conscientious about local sewer systems and throw used paper in the trash. As always, the touristy places will be accustomed to Westerners and supply toilet paper. It is readily available at any Keells Super or Cargills Foodcity outlet.It is customary to remove shoes and wear respectful attire (i.e. no miniskirts, tank tops, short pants etc.) when visiting temples. It is also the custom to remove shoes before entering a home, though this is not as strictly followed as in places such as Japan. Never touch or pat the top of the head of Buddhists, including children. Exceptions are made for cutting hair, etc., but it should never be a surprise without permission. Assume all strangers could be Buddhists for this purpose (except in exclusively Tamil areas). Do not turn your back to (or be alongside) a Buddha statue when within a reasonable distance (observe what others are doing). This includes posing for photos. It's OK to photograph a statue, but all persons should be facing it. Public nudity (including females being topless) is not only unacceptable but illegal in Sri Lanka - though a few German-owned hotels may make an exception in designated areas.Although much latitude is given to tourists, it is more polite to use your right hand when shaking hands, handing money and small objects, etc. Of course you can use both hands for something big and/or heavy.Be respectful to monks. There's no particular etiquette for Westerners - just be polite. Always give them a seat on a crowded bus (unless you're disabled or very elderly). No photography of sensitive locations (inside and outside), and inside of shopping malls and tea factories (outside OK). Be especially careful in Fort, Colombo (except on the beach). If soldiers are guarding something, it probably shouldn't be photographed. Don't rely on signs alone, as sometimes they are old or missing. For example, one end of a bridge may have a "No Photography" sign, but not the other.Do not mix up Dravidian indigeneous people with people of African descent, or call them "black," no matter how dark their complexion.

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