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The Republic of Uganda is a country in east central Africa. Although landlocked, Uganda has access to several large water bodies, including Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Kyoga and Lake Edward. The country is located on a plateau, averaging about 900 m above sea level. Although generally tropical in nature, the climate differs between parts of the country. Due to the large number of tribes, many still living within their own kingdoms, culture within Uganda is diverse.

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Travel Agents, Tour Operators & Eco Accommodation in Uganda

Eco Specialists Tours Uganda Ltd
Safaris arranged to different ecosystems in Uganda including National Parks, Tropical Rainforests, Water bodies, Cultural Sites, Communities and other destinations. Promoted and run by a group of qualified and competent Eco-tour guides with an experience of over 10 years in site and safari guiding.

Mzuri Ecotours Uganda
Unforgettable eco-safaris through the western portion of Uganda, from Mgahinga to Murchison Falls. Crossing 7 national parks you will track gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural habitat, and visit the savannas.

Terra Incognita ECOTOURS
Terra Incognita Ecotours. Trips that make a difference to you and to the places we visit. Trek Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda/Uganda; Visit ancient Maya sites and snorkel the Barrier Reef in Belize; Bathe in hot springs, horseback ride through the Rainforest or see Quetzals in Costa Rica; and so much more! All while supporting community-based ecotourism. (Operator based in USA)

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Ecotourism Uganda Articles & Resources

Below you can find a collection of resources related to ecotourism issues in Uganda.

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Travel with Respect

Uganda has a fairly conservative Christian/Muslim based society. It is not considered acceptable for women to wear skimpy clothing or to have overt displays of sexuality. Most Ugandans go to church / mosque regularly and consider religion an important part of a moral society. Never critize religion in presence of an Ugandan!You will not be taken seriously if you wear shorts outside the obvious tourist destinations and no adult Ugandan would ever wear shorts. Use a pair of light trousers to blend in better.Don't be surprised if you see two men holding hands. They are not gay, since homosexuality is forbidden by law and is indeed punishable. Good friends do this often.

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Travel Safe

Uganda has been home to some of the more gruesome atrocities in modern African history since its independence in 1962, particularly under the heinous dictator Idi Amin, but in the years since 1987 things have consistently improved. Today, in 2005, the single party state is relatively stable after 19 years of stereotypically 'strong man' rule by Yoweri Museveni who seems torn between embracing more enlightened government and clinging to power (by amending the constitution to allow himself to serve a third ten-year term). A major concern for travelers in the northern part of the country, however, is the Lord's Resistance Army, who have been making the Acholi, Lango and Teso districts lawless and dangerous since 2002, although they have been active insurgents since 1989. Travel north to Murchison Falls National Park is safe, but the north and east of the country are particularly volatile, so one is well advised to get the latest news updates before traveling there. Note that overlanders from Tanzania and Kenya regularly make the trip routing through Jinja, so the danger is nothing like travel in southern Sudan or the DRC.As in any urban area, Kampala can be dodgy. One is well advised to remain in tourist areas, but sensibly garbed visitors not dangling the latest cameras, flashy jewelery or bulging bags are not likely to draw unwanted attention to themselves. However, any caucasians walking in the street stand out and are likely to be stared at openly, which may cause discomfort to those unaccustomed to travelling in Africa. What little begging exists is some of the most polite and inoffensive to be found in African cities. Small children are sadly becoming a nuisance in some rural spots frequented by tourists doling out sweets and coins, but nowhere near the swarming throng one can attract in many cities around the world.In the gorilla tracking region of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park near the border with the DRC there was one incident in the late 1990's in which bandits attacked a group of tourists and killed several people. Since then there have been no incidents and all groups now go out with armed guards (which was not the case before). There is a visible security presence in the region, but this is a preventative measure rather than a response to anything specific.

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