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Bison Quest at Wild Echo Bison Reserve

Montana Bison

Destinations Covered:
- USA - Montana


Contact email:

USA - 4062021584

What we offer:
Relax in your log cabin, get a massage in a
Lakota Sioux tipi, or study wildlife as the only
guests of internationally known biologists
surrounded by a bison herd in the Montana
wilderness. All Inclusive spa/adventure program.

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Bison Quest is all inclusive, available to only one private group at a time -yours. Relax in your log cabin or get a massage in a Lakota Sioux tipi while surrounded by a powerful buffalo herd in the magnificent Montana wilderness.

Learn about the natural history of this awe-inspiring animal and participate in a bison behavioral or nature study. Simply sit back and enjoy the solitude or fill your days with western adventures like whitewater rafting, horseback riding, hiking, trips to Yellowstone Park or participating in wildlife studies and eco projects alongside our internationally known biologists.

Included in this eco nature vacation are spa treatments from outdoor massages and botanical facials to a sauna in a sweat lodge. We are not a dude ranch or typical resort where you will spend your entire vacation with dozens of other people. Here, you are the private guests of internationally known wildlife biologists on the ranch shared only with wildlife, blue Montana skies and the Wild Echo bison herd.

Our all inclusive spa and adventure programs feature:

* Airport Transfers and All Program Transportation
* Bison Interaction Experience
* Participation in wildlife studies on the Reserve
* Rejuvenating Spa Treatments
* Natural and Organic Home Cooked Montana Meals and Snacks
* Authentic Native American Tipis
* Guided Bird Watching, Wildlife and Photography Eco Walks
* Horseback Riding
* White Water Rafting or Canoe Trip
* Hot Springs Spa and Ghost Town Trip
* Sweat Lodge
* Gates of the Mountains Cruise
* Outdoor Dutch Oven Cooking
* Wildflower Pressing and Medicinal Plant Classes
* Telescope Stargazing
* Yellowstone Park Overnight Package

EcoTourism Policies

One of the most exciting things about our Bison Quest program is showing others that you don’t have to give up quality of life to save energy and live in a way that is kind to our world. And we can prove it to you during your stay here at the Wild Echo Bison Reserve.

We are self reliant when it comes to power and our entire ranch and Bison Quest Camp is primarily powered by wind and sun. We also teach our guests the "simple" things that they can do at home to preserve our world as well (recycling, insulating, etc).

herd of bison

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