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Adventure Life Journeys

Adventure Life Journeys

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1655 South 3rd West
Suite 1, Missoula
MT, 59806
USA - Montana

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We're far from your typical travel company. Adventure Life takes a holistic approach to travel and is dedicated to expanding ecological and cultural awareness. We do this by taking a grassroots approach to travel that utilizes local guides, family run hotels, and the local transportation infrastructure.

Within Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Belize and Costa Rica, a visitor can experience a myriad of cultures and landscapes; from jungle to high frozen Andes, and from jet-set businessmen to tribal chiefs and shamans. Nowhere are the forces of modern change more active and in conflict with tribal traditions than in these stunning countries.

Respectful interaction by travelers benefits the rich ecology and ancient cultures of the Andean nations by sharing information and bolstering pride in their rich landscapes. At the same time, our experiences traveling and the friends we make along the way help us to better understand our own complex lives.

Adventure Life Journeys is a small, personal organization. We don't pretend to be all things to all people. Instead, we know a few parts of the world, and we know them well. Our knowledge doesn't come solely from travel. It comes from living, working and studying in these wonderful places. This experience has created an intimacy with the people, culture, and landscape of these areas that we love to share.

Concentrating on just a few places means that trip itineraries are thoroughly researched to provide a combination of exploration, adventure, and relaxation, while at the same time facilitating learning and growth from the people we meet along our way. It means that we care, and this means that travelers with Adventure Life learn to care, too.

Adventure Life Journeys strives to discover local culture, ecology and life. We do this by utilizing an assortment of transportation, such as dugout canoes, vintage buses, jeeps and trains. Sometimes we stay in a charming bed and breakfast, other times it's a family farm or historic hacienda, and then there's the jungle cabañas. It's all part of the fun and discovery of travel!

The freedom of independent travel with the security of a group is key to our adventures. We realize that individual travelers have different tastes and interests, so we're careful to build some flexibility and free time into our itineraries. Once we've reached the day's destination, explore the city and countryside however you wish. Rent a bike, go horseback riding, or just wander around the market. The day is yours to discover!

We keep things exciting by using an assortment of transportation, from local buses to dugout canoes to private vans. Expect to sit next to a campesino on his way to market or a student from Quito on her way to Baños for a weekend of hiking. This grassroots approach to travel means that if you get terribly frustrated by delays, bumps, and breakdowns, then perhaps this isn't the trip for you.

You're on vacation - relax, enjoy the slower pace, and consider anything that comes up a good story to tell your friends back home!

To maintain a grassroots experience and minimize cultural and ecological impact, groups are limited to 12 travelers (excepting the Galapagos where group size depends on the yacht). Our average group size is 8, and we like it this way as we can give our travelers the very best cultural experience and increase our chances of seeing wildlife when in the Amazon.

Trip leaders are fluent in English and Spanish and often hold university degrees in anthropology, biology, or another relevant discipline. We're all a big family here and trip leaders are chosen for their knowledge, friendliness, and charisma! Your trip leader takes care of transportation and accommodations, and he can suggest the best museums, cafes, clubs and excursions. Trip leaders are there to help as much or as little as needed.

EcoTourism Policies

Adventure Life Journeys believes it is critical that local people be made active partners in developing a local tourism industry. Money generated by tourism should stay in the community. This means hiring local guides, staying in locally owned hotels, and using the local transportation infrastructure - issues that have been at the heart of our travel philosophy from the beginning.

Because the choice of lodging is such a critical component of any eco-tour, a representative from our U.S. office personally inspects all potential hotels and lodges in any given area. Adventure Life representative interviews staff and local agencies to determine which lodges have the best record of historical preservation and are active in contributing to local conservation.

We hire only licensed and\or certified local guides for our escorted tours. In accordance with our belief that a tour leader native to the destination creates a richer experience for the traveler, we choose only the most qualified, reputable local guides that help shape a truly exceptional travel experience.

Guides are often trilingual, facilitating interactions in languages such as Quechua or Tz'utujil. Adventure Life guides are trained in the same principles as those of the Leave No Trace philosophy.

Our itineraries are designed to use local existing infrastructure, rather than creating a need for new construction or services imported from a North American provider. Tours use public transportation, or, where private transport is more practical, the services of a locally owned company. Many itineraries are designed to support community tourism projects.

In addition to sending clients to service providers who actively promote preservation, Adventure Life Journeys donates money to a number of conservation efforts, and is a supporting member of both the International Galapagos Tour Operators Association and The International Ecotourism Society, contributing to sustainable tourism through these organizations.

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