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Zambia has excellent national parks teeming with birds and other animals, as well as the spectacular Victoria Falls and Zambezi River. Apart from sightseeing, these places are also centres for activities ranging from canoeing to white-water rafting and bungee jumping.

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Ecotourism Zambia Articles & Resources

Below you can find a collection of resources related to ecotourism issues in Zambia.

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Travel with Respect

Zambians follow a strict patriarchal society - men are afforded more respect than women, and older men are respected more than younger men. You might find, however, that a white person is afforded the most respect of all. A holdover from colonial times, this might make a traveler uncomfortable, but this is largely a Zambian's way of being courteous. Accept their hospitality.Zambians are a curious people. To a Western mindset, this might be interpreted as unnecessarily staring at you or talking about you in front of you. Be prepared to greeted by kids yelling mazungu, mazungu! and answer lots of questions about yourself. Zambians love to shake hands, and you should oblige them. However, Zambians often like to hold hands for the duration of a conversation. This should not be interpreted as anything sexual; they are merely trying to "connect" with you. If you feel uncomfortable, simply pull your hand away. Women should not wear shorts or mini-skirts, especially as they travel away from Lusaka. (Thighs, to Zambian men, are huge turn-ons.) Low-cut tops, however, while discouraged, are not nearly as provocative. Finally, when meeting a Zambian - even to ask a question - you should always say hello and ask how they are. Properly greeting a Zambian is very important. They are uncomfortable with the Western notion of simply "getting to the point."

Information from wikitravel.org*

Travel Safe

Women should avoid going to bars alone. Furthermore, men should avoid purchasing drinks for Zambian women they meet casually in bars; this is an invitation to spend the night.As the Kwacha has been declining, it often takes fistfulls of cash to purchase items. Be careful about flashing money.While it's possible to get a good exchange rate from an individual money-changer on the street (although you really should use banks if you can), you should avoid changing money with groups of men. They are likely running a scam.Generally, Zambians are friendly people. However - as with any location - be careful about walking at night, especially if you've been drinking. There are few streetlights, and many of the locals are very poor.Carjacking is also a potential risk while driving after dark.Many places of accommodation, such as Pioneer Camp outside Lusaka, now sport electric fences and gates for added security.

Information from wikitravel.org*


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