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Travel with Respect

Clapping twice is an accepted "thank you", especially when someone is handing you something (food, a purchase). If one hand is full you can clap the free hand on your chest. As in Asia, taking items passed to you with both hands is polite.When shaking hands or handing anything valuable to someone, it is polite to support the right forearm with the left hand (or vice versa), to signify the "weight" of the gift or honour. In practice this often means just touching the forearm, or even gesturing towards it.When taking something from a local, it is strictly done with the right hand as it is seen as an insult if the left hand is used regardless of dexterousness. The same rule applies when passing something.

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Travel Safe

Given the political and economic instability in the country, travellers to Zimbabwe should take care with their personal security and safety. However, on the whole the country remains very safe for foreign visitors (certainly more so than South Africa, for example) and you are likely to find it very welcoming and quite inexpensive. Simply exercise the same caution and sensitivity you would as a relatively well-heeled tourist travelling in any very poor country or in cities like New York, Rome or London. And don't forget to tip; times are tough for locals, and they depend on your generosity.If you tip a street kid,you are highly likely to be given the correct directions to any place, have your rental car looked after,sometimes for protection or sometimes to jump ques! Recently, security forces including the army and the police have been striking or resigning in large numbers, as have medical professionals. You might not be able to rely on their presence to ensure your personal safety... or to keep order in general.Though in general Zimbabwe remains a safe place, don't be shocked to see a policeman slap and kick-about a local. It's the rule of law over there. Don't be shocked to see the locals beat up a thief sometimes to the point of death. Its the rule of the law in ALL of Africa, its called public justice over there. They don't go to the police station, the public love to deal with pick-pockets.

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