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Sokoke Scops Owl
Sokoke Scops Owl 

Publish Date : 08-03-2010

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The Sokoke Scops Owl, Otus ireneae, is an owl found in Kenya and Tanzania. The greatest population of this species of owl is in the Cynometra-Manilkara forest, which is less than one-third of the Sokoke forest. It is also found in the Afzelia-Cynometra forest. The Sokoke Scops Owl can grow up to 16 to 18 cm and can weigh up to 50 grams and is the smallest scops owl of the Otus genus. It is insectivorous and can be either grey or rufous-brown.
Photo submitted by Wawire James

This owl is listed as Endangered because it has a very small, severely fragmented range, within which the quality of its habitat is declining, especially through unsustainable removal of large Brachylaena trees, which may be its main resource for nest-cavities.
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