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Baby Humpback Whale Spyhopping
Baby Humpback Whale Spyhopping 

Publish Date : 23-01-2009

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A curious baby whale spyhops out of the water in the Dominican Republic.
Photo submitted by Erin De la Cruz

Between mid-January and mid-March, humpback whales migrate to Samana Bay in the northeast region of the Dominican Republic.  This baby whale is spyhopping out of the water to get a better look at a boat full of tourists, encouraged by the mother who is just under the surface.  Samana is the Dominican Republic's best-known region for ecotourism, where visitors can ride horses to waterfalls, sunbathe, kayak, and gain insight to a unique culture.  (Photo taken from a whale watching tour founded by Kim Beddall, a marine biologist--still the most responsible tour available.  http://www.whalesamana.com/home.html)
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