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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the current most frequently asked questions regarding submission to our directory.

If we have not answered your question please get in touch: contact: karen@ecotourdirectory.com

My country is not Listed in the Directory. What happens here?

So you want to advertise but we don't currently list your country? Don't worry, if we decide to list your business then we'll aim to create the relevant country page. This usually means that you will be the only company listed for that country.

What if our company operates in multiple countries?

We will place your small description on all of the country pages that we currently have pages for and you cover. Each small description will include a link to your dedicated EcoTour Directory page. In addition you are free to list all of the countries you operate in within your main description.

Do I have to own my own website to get a listing?

No, you don't have to include a link to a website if you don't want to. You would need provide alternative contact details such as a telephone number or email address. This means that you can have your own min-site with your full page listing.

How are you promoting the EcoTour Directory?

Our site receives on average 40,000 page views a month from people interested in eco friendly travel. We are featured across all major search engines (e.g. Google) for keywords that people are typing in to find businesses like yours.

We carry out extensive Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that our directory shows for all relevant 'search terms'. We are presently appearing on the first pages of Google, Yahoo and MSN for a wide variety of search terms relating to our directory.

Try searching for terms in Google -

- Eco Tours
- EcoTour
- Eco Vacation
- Eco Holiday

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