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Submission Guidelines

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Our aim is to provide a trusted source of information for people looking for ecotours around the world. To achieve this each and every listing application is carefully reviewed before it is included in the directory.

Please answer the questions given in the listing application honestly and fully. If at any time we find that you have provided us with false or incorrect information we will terminate your listing at once.

The Listing Application

Throughout the application write in complete sentences and/or descriptive phrases using proper grammar, punctuation and correct spelling. Please also avoid the use of ALL CAPITAL letters.

If you do not have a Website or email address you can still be listed in our Directory. However you must provide a full contact address and telephone number.

Country(s) you operate in

You can list all of the countries where your business operates from within your main description. We will also aim to list your small description and link on every relevant country page.

Short Description

Your Short Description is the chance for you to give an overview of your tour\company for people browsing the directory. A well-written, objective description will make browsing our directory easier. Please avoid using promotional language.

Main Description

Your Main Description gives you the opportunity to describe your operation or a specific tour that you offer. This may include a specific itienery, activities and so on. You may include the price of your tour within the main description. Additionally this is the area to mention any affiliations or awards you may have.


Why should you be able to list your business with us? You are asked to describe your Eco-Policies to be included as part of your listing.

Listing Photos

Great Photos really make a listing. Please take the time to attach at least 1 photo for us to use for your dedicated page.


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